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Lemi & Tito

We are happy to bring you a preview of the first in a series of animated cartoons about Lemi the boy hero, and Tito his elephant friend.

Lemi is a boy who discovers his voice in a series of adventure across Africa to save his father from poachers. He is no ordinary village kid, he’s the first generation lap top kid in Kenya, and he uses the best of traditional knowledge and values, and combines it with technology in a beautiful and inspiring tale by Dr. Paula Kahumbu and illustrated by Chief Nyamweya and his amazing team of animators at Tsunami Studios.

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YouTube DirektThe Adventures of Lemi and Tito

Hands Off says Transworld Safaris

We are extremely grateful to Sushil Chauhan and Transworld Safaris (Kenya) Ltd for their support and branding their fleet with the Hands Off Our Elephants stickers.

On vehicle up close
On vehicle up close



We look forward to seeing these stickers on more and more vehicles.



KTN continues coverage on Elephants

Kenya Television Network (KTN) a local television station in Nairobi, Kenya continues to cover the poaching crisis in East Africa.

Follow their segment, PERSPECTIVE here…

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KTN PRIME News – Save Our Elephants

Last night Kenya Television Network – KTN featured the Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign in a story dubbed Save The Elephants during their PRIME Time News at 9m.  We are pleased that the News Anchors wore the Hands Off Our Elephants armbands in solidarity with the drive to Save Our Majestic Elephants @HandsOffOurEles

Watch the full story here…

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Celebrating our known elephants in Kenya-BARBARA

Barbara – Matriarch of Amboseli’s BB family since 1989, Barbara is approaching 65 years, and is the oldest living female known in Kenya. She leads her family of 33 across the Amboseli ecosystem between the Park and rich wet-season feeding grounds in Eselenkei group ranch. She has five independent sons and grandsons.

Barbara is the only Amboseli matriarch over 50 years of age to survive the drought of 2009, her great experience keeps her family safe from poacher and she leads them to productive foraging grounds. She is a wonderful leader and a very affectionate grandmother.

Keep Barbara and her family ALIVE by helping SPREAD THE WORD – ?#?HandsOffOurElephants? ?#?ElephantStories?

Special Thanks to our friends at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants

Celebrating our known elephants in Kenya-TIM

Tim – Born in 1969, he is the son of Trista and the grandson of the grand old matriarch Teresia, leader of Amboseli’s TD family. He struck out on his own and became independent from his family at the age of 14 and spent the next 15 years growing and learning about being a bull elephant. By the age of 29 it was evident that he was going to be very beautiful. He soon started coming into musth–the period of heightened aggression that bulls experience on a yearly basis.A very successful male, Tim is now 44 years old and the father of many calves. He is in his prime and could be targeted poachers; to lose him now would be a tragedy for the Amboseli population. He should be passing on his good genes to many more calves in the future.

We must protect Tim. SPREAD THE WORD?#?HandsOffOurElephants?

Special Thanks to our friends at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants